Kaaba- The direction to which muslims around the world turn to pray


Every year over 13 million people check out the city of Mecca in the festival of Hajj. It could be the holy ground with the Muslims throughout the globe, and it’s also the one destination that all believer hopes to succeed in. For many Muslims it’s a dream to accept the pilgrimage to Mecca. Only those who keep to the practices of Islam may enter in the city.

Home to your largest mosque on this planet – Masjid al-Haram, the location is a blessed sight. Also referred to as the Grand Mosque, the Masjid al-Haram houses the scared shrine known as the Ka’aba. What may resemble a black cube to the people who are unaware of Islam, would be the focal point as well as the direction during which all Muslims around the globe face to pray.

The structure is done out of black granite and was built and re-built more often than not during its existence. The Ka’aba stands 15 meters high and 10 to 12 meters wide. The southeast corner from the structure features a black meteorite, through which a silver frame is embedded. Towards the north side on the structure, one may find a collection of stairs which results in a door, which may learn that the inside is hollow and empty. A black silk cloth, embroidered intricately with versus through the Quaran covers the Ka’aba. This cloth is named a kiswah and it is replaced yearly.

The creators in this landmark building were believed to have been the prophet Abraham with the exceptional son Ishmael, which predates it on the religion itself. Although the origins in the Ka’aba will not be clear, the impact and significance with this stone structure is remarkable. It is one in the most sacred sites in Islam, and is also part and parcel in the pilgrimage to Makkah. Pilgrims may go round the Ka’aba seven times in a very counter clockwise direction, on Hajj day. This is usually a daunting task, because as many as 3 million people might be gathered from the premises.