Luxury in Holy Makkah


The Makkah Province is situated in the western component of Saudi Arabia, and is particularly the populated province from the entire country.  Five times per day, the full Muslim population will consider this holy city to pray. Because of its special place inside the Muslim religion, many people visit Makkah annually. It can be a province of pilgrimage. Because of this there are various great hotels to keep at close by Makkah.

The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is usually a beautiful Fairmont Hotel that gives the finest hospitality. At 76 stories, it can be one on the world’s tallest hotels and also the center on the Abraj Al Bait Complex. The splendid 40 meter Royal Clock is so visible up to 17 kilometers away, and announces time for daily prayers to any or all the Muslims in Makkah. It also incorporates a Lunar Observation Center, that’s great for checking Moon’s orbit along with the other planets and stars, with an Islamic Museum, which strives to preserve Muslim heritage for everyone future generations. It has 76 elevators that provide access to the holy Masjid al Haram. The rooms and suites throughout this magnificent hotel are prepared for elegance and comfort, possesses nine wonderful venues for dining.

Another great hotel will be the La Meridean Makkah, which overlooks the Holy Mosque which is hardly a hundred meters through the King Abdulaziz gate. It features a beautifully decorated lobby using a stepped ceiling that induce a luxurious ambiance. This hotel offers 255 guestrooms and suites, each elegantly decorated in traditional fabrics.

You may stay at the wonderful Raffles Makkah Palace, a refined sanctuary with 214 suites, all providing the most breathtaking views. There are spas for both individuals where you can relax in luxury. The comfortably decorated suites resemble apartments using a living room and 2 bedrooms. The interior in this awe inspiring hotel is made to make you feel in your house, at peace.

The Makkah Hilton hotel is set inside heart of Makkah and overlooks the Holy Haram Mosque. It offers two air-conditioned and carpeted prayer halls that seat 10,000 apiece. The Art Deco-style guest rooms offered to different views all around the city. You could also enjoy fine Arabic dining at Al Fayhaa restaurant, or wander around a comprehensive onsite retail complex with 450 shops plus a food court.

Step outside any one of these Makkah hotels, and are right within the middle on the holiest place on the planet, with some other mosques from which to choose. Inside, you fill find rooms of all kinds to accommodate from family pilgrimages to business conference calls. From comfortable to luxurious, there is usually a room for everyone, through an inviting and accommodating staff.