Ziarat in Makkah


The Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa has stated that one who needs he should die in Madina should always endeavor that his last breath can be purchased in Madina, I shall fascinate him. Ziyaarat or presenting one’s self from the holy of Rasulullah at Madinah Munawara is actually among the greatest blessing and fortunes. But, sometimes because of lack knowledge, deficiency of proper knowledge of the importance from the Ziyarat ruins a terrific chance of gaining the good and wonderful spiritual benefits and Sawaab focus to the Ziyarat.

After studying the guide on Ziyarat you will realize value of the Ziyarat, thereby acquiring maximum advantages from this sacred visit.

Majid Quba

This mosque could be the first mosque from the history of Islam, the holy prophet himself laid down its foundation stone during his stay there before coming to Madina Munwara. This mosque is situated about the three kilometers from Majid-e- Nabvi. This mosque can also be an exceptional masterpiece of architecture and outside of the mosque building you will find there’s date market where people can get dates. It is located inside south of Majid-e-Nabvi and separate praying area for the ladies exists inside the mosque.

Masjid -e- Jummah

This mosque is found short on the Madina Munwara city. Holy prophet offered prayers with the place once he moved from Quba to Madina Munwara. When he reached the positioning of Bano-Salam-bin-Auf tribe on his strategy to Madina Munwara city, time of the Jummah prayers came, let’s start with Jummah prayers were held here with the place.

Ruin of masjid-e- Zarrar

Those Muslims who have been having ties with non- Muslims and Jews of Madina built this mosque and planning ended here which mosque was destroyed and burnt within the orders in the Holy prophet (PBUH). The ruins with the mosque are nevertheless available for individuals to see and become familiar with a lesson.

Masjid-e- Ail

This mosque was built for the point twelve kilometers outside of the city with the Madina Munwara declared as Meeqat for pilgrims. All minibuses and vehicles stop here and pilgrims alternation in ihram here. This mosque can also be well known as Abyar-e-Ali.

Majid-e- Ghamama

This mosque can be found at a walking distance from Majid-e- Nabvi and here prophet offered prayers for rain. This mosque wall is well decorated with electric lanterns hanging with date tree planks. Majid -e- Ghamaha is usually called masjid-e-Eid.

Masjid -e- AbuBakar

Just 4 yards from masjid -e- Ghamama, this small mosque is established and it is belief that first caliph accustomed to live here and after his house was demolished this mosque was built with the exact same site. It is situated toward the south of Majid-e- Nabvi.

Masjid-e- Umar

This mosque is situated near masjid -e – Ghamama and possesses white color. The masjid-e-Umer is situated behind the product exchange located next to the masjid-e- Ghamama.

Majid-e- Bilal

This mosque can be found near the date market, and that is adjacent to the shopping market of masjid-e-Nabvi. If time is available, you have to visit this holy mosque.