Vehicle Overview

The coaster has a large seating capacity and it is used as recreational vehicle and it is also used as public transport in many countries. The bus is manufactured in Japan and it is exported to all parts of the world. The bus is very famous all over the world and the main reason behind the popularity of this bus is its strong body and large seating capacity. The Toyota coaster price is also moderate and it gives huge benefits to the customers. Many different companies have copies the design of this coaster bus but no company has been able to achieve such durability in the structure.

Passengers: 30 Mobile Charger: Yes cialis generika kaufen Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Black Leather or Other On Board Drinks: Yes Smoking: No
DVD Player: NO On Board Snacks: NO Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: Yes Bag Capacity: 30 LCD Screens: NO

Makkah Museum Trip 150 riyals Extra

Madina Museum Trip 150 Riyals Extra

150 Riyals Extra for Hajj Terminal