Historical Places to Visit in Taif Saudi Arabia

During hajj and umrah, Muslims have to perform multiple rituals. During their stay, they also strive to visit all the religious places in Saudi Arabia. Ziarat in Taif is also one of the must-visit places. Here are some essential places for Muslims to visit:
1:Abdullah ibn Abbas Mosque:
Masjid Abdullah ibn Abbas is located in Taif. The mosque was constructed near the grave of the esteemed Sahabi Abdullah ibn Abbas. Abdullah ibn Abbas Ra was a great mufassir and faqih. He was also related to the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) as his cousin. While young, he grew up by the Prophet’s side doing various household services, such as fetching water for ablution. He would pray with the Prophet and attend his gatherings, travels, and marches. Masjid Abdullah ibn Abbas is a must visit Ziyarat in Taif.

  1. Adidas Mosque:
    Addas Ra was the pioneer revert from Taif. When the Prophet brought the message of Islam to Taif, people did not welcome it and threw stones at him till his feet bled. It was the most challenging time in Rasul Allah’s life. While he was resting at a place, Addas Grapes was sent with an enslaved person. Addas was a Christian from Nineva, now Iraq, where Allah sent Prophet Younus (AS). He served a wealthy family from Makkah who were slaves of Utbah bin Rabiah. When the Prophet ate the grapes with “Bismillah,” it sparked his attention, and he asked, “People here do not say that! Addas Ra accepted Islam. The mosque’s design resembles an Abbasid dynasty, so it seems to be older than it is.
  2. The Al Hada mountain:
    Because of their importance for Muslims, the Al Hada mountain is the major ziarat in Taif. Muslims can see a spectacular view of the Al Hada mountains in Taif. The story behind this place is when some people threw a rock at the Prophet to hurt him. However, Allah sent two angels to protect him. The angels asked the Prophet if they should throw it on the people living in the mountains. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) didn’t accept this idea. Instead, she revealed, “From them will come people who will respond to my call.” The Prophet stood firm and invited people to Islam. As a result, many of them accepted Islam.
  3. The Valley of Banu Saad:
    Banu Saad formed a smaller group within the greater Hawazin tribal confederation. They shared very close family relations with Muhammad. Also, the Shaqq e Sadr event took place here. Muslims usually put on their prayer mats to pray and seek blessings. Banu Saad Valley is only a short distance from Taif. Our beloved Prophet spent his childhood in the Banu Saad valley. Therefore, it is one of the best places for Ziyarat in Taif. It boasts historical importance in many ways.
  4. Al-Kalada Heritage Village:
  5. Al-Kalada Heritage Village is a few kilometers south of Bani Saad. It is attracting people with its mysterious allure. Moreover, in its glorious past, this ancient village is the home of Al-Harith ibn Kaladah ra. He was a great Arab doctor. Furthermore, he is considered one of the Sahabis related to Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, it is a highly respected destination for historical and Islamic ziarat in Taif.
  6. Alkou Mosque:
  7. Alkou Mosque is an extraordinary place for Muslims. There is a stone in this mosque with a trace of the elbow of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad said, After entering Taif and standing or leaning by it, its name came, “The Elbow, or Al-Koua.” Pilgrims recognize it as one of the sacred places to visit in Taif.